Welcome to The Healthy Curve


Welcome to The Healthy Curve!

In December of 2014 I quit my job, ended an unhealthy relationship and moved across the country to start my life over. Since that time I’ve refocused my career into one I love, started my MBA and lost about 45 pounds. I have a passion for helping people get “unstuck”.

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the different body positive movements out there. It excites me to see so many images of bodies that look more like mine than the images of bodies that felt foreign to me growing up. I love seeing women celebrating themselves just as they are. That being said, I think it’s possible to document my weight loss and muscle gain while still celebrating my body in its current state. For me, before and afters aren’t about how terrible my body was in the “before” moment. It’s about all the work I have put in and things I have learned about myself over the last four years. The “after” is merely an outward expression of that internal work. If I didn’t lose a pound more, I would be just fine. I know the healthy food I nourish my body with every day. I know that I’m physically fit enough to hike, bike, run and dance - all things I love to do.