Spring 2019 Beauty Faves

Spring 2019 Beauty Faves

When the seasons change, I’m always ready to freshen up my beauty routine. In the Spring and Summer I need a foundation that will stick to me despite the hot and sweaty Texas heat. However, I hate the feeling of heavy foundation. My ideal finished look is dewy, glowy and long lasting. With all of that, my makeup routine is pretty basic still. Now that my skin is in a good place thanks to my routine and diet, I stick to a lightweight foundation, a good blush, brows and lips. If I have extra time or desire I might play around with bronzer, liquid liner or highlight but I don’t really need it day to day.

  1. Lashes by Megan at Suite Lovely - Check out the Suite Lovely instagram for samples of their work! You won’t regret this investment. I love my lashes and would give up many treats in life before giving up my lash extensions. I plan to do a full post demystifying the lash routine soon. However, the biggest question I get, is if I’ve had any damage to my natural lash line. The answer is, “no”! I did a lot of research before trying lash extensions and chose Suite Lovely for the excellent reviews and high quality lashes.

  2. Brows - I’ve been loyal to the Hourglass Arch Brow for a long time now but have recently enjoyed playing with some brow gels! The hourglass one is thickening and lasts all day but my newest obsession is the Tarte brow gel. The wand is very tiny and catches all my baby blonde eye brow hairs. I can truly throw this on with nothing else and go without worrying about going too heavy!

  3. Peachy Nude Lip - Chantecaille Lip Gloss in Flirt is a perfect peachy nude for me!

  4. Blush - Lightweight, slightly sparkly, Nars Orgasm Cream blush is perfect on my fair skin.