Beyond Yoga: Try On & Review

I’ve been wanting to test out some new athletic apparel brands. As my fitness journey continues, it’s important to me to support brands that are size inclusive. When I was 40lbs heavier, I still wanted to look and feel great while working out. I think the most powerful thing a clothing company can do is to meet the customer where they are. If you build loyalty to a brand at any size, it’s more likely that you will continue to be loyal to that brand even if your size changes up or down.

Today I ventured into the luxe land of Beyond Yoga.

When my order arrived, I was nervous because the clothes looked TINY. However, I was happy to find they stretch and mold well to the sizes listed online. They didn’t have the bra I wanted in the correct size, so I sized down to a Large. But in the future, I am definitely an XL on top and bottom. Right now most of my tops are a size 14, I’m a 40DD and wear either 14s or 16s on my bottom half. I hope that helps you for sizing purposes!

When I saw the Instagram ad for the navy and gold glitter set - I knew this was the time to try Beyond Yoga.

My biggest complaint with workout pants is that they tend to fall down while running or jumping rope. Not these pants! They stayed put during an intense Crossift workout and I had no concerns they were going anywhere. The backside was not see-through even during heavy squats. Some of the cheaper pairs I own tend to run a little thin on the backside and that can lead to less than desirable views for anyone else in class - haha. These did roll down a little. My waist is significantly smaller than my hips so during a few movements the high waistband did flip down a little lower. It’s not ideal but understandable with leggings this thick and stretchy. While the material is thick, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in them like I was wearing a “winter legging”. The sweat wicked well from the fabric and I even wore them for an hour of so after our sweaty WOD and they were dry and comfortable to continue wearing even after.

The bra is definitely not a supportive running bra built for women with larger chests. However, it is super cute and was fine for a workout that didn’t involve a lot of running or bouncing. I think I’ll stick to a workout like yoga or pilates for this set - but in a pinch, it really worked well for a Crossfit morning. Also, I PR’d or reached a personal record for highest weight lifted on a few lifts that morning. I feel like the gold glitter outfit needs partial credit. This set does not currently come in plus sizes. However, the Beyond Yoga team has been focusing a lot on the plus size market and has created some really colorful campaigns and products for women in sizes 1x-3x. I’d love to see the range expand more and for them to include glitter option for plus sizes. The quality of their product is outstanding. It sucks everything in while still allowing for great range of movement. There are a few other brands I want to try too but first I’d love to know what you’d like to see reviewed by an active “inbetweener” or size L/XL.

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