Staying Organized & Holding Myself Accountable

Staying Organized & Holding Myself Accountable

How do you do it all?

I hear this question often. The answer is - I invest time in getting and staying organized every week so I can do all of the things I want to do. I like to set myself up for success each week and that means planning my workouts around my work and social calendars. It also means taking time to grocery shop and meal prep 85% of the meals and snacks I'll eat all week. I used to be the Queen of Excuses. I could always find a reason to skip a workout. I don't live that way now. Once you adopt a "no excuses" attitude, it becomes a lot easier to meet your goals. If I have an event after work, then I have to wake up early to get my workout in. If I sleep in one morning, you can bet I'm going running at lunch or taking a class after work.

I've used the same Erin Condren Life Planner for the last 5 years. I love the bright and clean layout. It makes me happy! I also am a big fan of stickers. I use stickers to track my workouts on the monthly view page. It helps me to be able to see a month at a glance and know how often I worked out and what kinds of workouts I did. I even have stickers of a little wine glass to track the nights I drink. I try to limit myself to 2-3 nights a week where I drink alcohol. I much prefer a glass of wine to a bowl of ice cream so that is an indulgence I need to keep in check. 

I love this planner because the monthly view is big enough to keep track of all my important events and workouts but the weekly view gives me room to track more details. I like to write out what the CrossFit workout was for the day or "WOD" and how I did. It's fun to go back every few months and see how much faster and stronger I am now than when I started. 

I try not to answer texts about scheduling anything until I can sit down with my planner and make sure I'm available. I'm sure it drives some of my friends nuts. :) I've tried to use a phone calendar, but outside of checking on work meetings, it just doesn't work for me. I need to write something down, preferably with a cute felt tip pen and then feel the satisfaction of crossing out one of my "to do's" when it's complete.