Natural Remedies for Sinus Battles

Natural Remedies for Sinus Battles

If you suffer from more than two sinus infections a year, I feel your (sinus) pain. My nasal passages are so delicate that just one or two days of bad allergies can escalate to a sinus infection quickly. My sinus infections are no joke. I feel like a SNOT zombie for usually 3-5 days and then feel off for a few more days on top of that. It’s horrible. I get behind in my workouts and just getting up to go to work is exhausting. If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you would like some tips/ tricks to battling your own sinus issues naturally! I’ve done a lot of research and had success with the items below.

  1. Netti Pot - I love my Netti Pot. I even had two at one time. First, take some hot water - very hot but not boiling plus basic salt and then go for it. At the first sign of a stuffy nose, I pull this bad boy out. I’ll usually do this first thing in the morning and before bed when allergies are rough. Keeping your nasal passages clear is the first step to preventing a sinus infection.

  2. Oregano Oil (Ingestible Quality) - this was a find after scouring several websites for natural cold and sinus infection remedies. Firstly, you need to find an ingestible version - don’t get the kind meant for diffusion. The ingestible quality is pricier, but worth it since you are drinking a drop or two in your water. That’s right, drop a nice little drop into a big cup of water and drink up. It tastes a little odd at first but I could feel some soothing effects on my throat right away and even noticed increased breathing through my nasal passages!

  3. NUUN Hydration & Immunity Tablets - I used to consume a lot of Gatorade or Sprite when I was sick. The clear liquids are hydrating but have tons of sugar and carbs that I don’t need when I’m not working out. These NUUN tablets have replaced those sugary drinks for me when I’m sick and even when I’m not. I’m all about the hydration and Electrolytes without the calories. Just one tablet has only 10 calories plus a lot of added vitamins and minerals that are not in the sugary sport drinks. Yay NUUN!

  4. Grapeseed Oil Nasal Spray - this spray is gentle and natural enough that you can use every day to ward off allergens and prevent sinus infections. If your nasal passages are already stuffy, use the Netti Pot first, then this nasal spray second. The one pictured here has grapefruit seed oil in the ingredients but I also have the pure Grapeseed Oil Nasal Spray not pictured.

  5. Water with Lemon Slices - I love water with lemon every day but especially when I’m under the weather. Lemon water will give your body an extra burst of Vitamin C and immunity needed to fight of toxins in your body.

  6. Breathe Again Roll On Oil Blend - from Young Living. This is great for the days you have to go out in the world but aren’t feeling 100%. I rub a tiny bit on my wrists and under my nose so I can inhale the natural oil blend that aids with opening up your breathing passages again. These are pricey but last a long time.

**I purchased all of these items from Sprouts minus the Netti Pot (Amazon). You can find most of these items at any natural foods store. The Oregano Oil is expensive but will last a long time and you want good quality when you are ingesting oils.